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Quickblade wiper


In Canada, we know the seasons can be extreme and devious.

It is during snowstorms, extreme cold or heavy rain
during our seasons that we realize how essential it is to have
High-performance wipers to ensure good visibility.

Several factors can contribute to reducing the efficiency of your windshield wipers;
rain, dirt, sleet, snow, sun, vehicle wax, salt, moisture, or exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold).
Over time, they will leave streaks, streaks and marks on your
windshields that will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the wipers.


The best time to replace them.

Motorists often wait too long to replace their
windscreen wipers. Road safety research shows that when visibility is reduced, rainy or snowy conditions drive up
50 to 100% risk of collision and that 90% of driving decisions are based solely on vision. Yet it is one of the cheapest and most important elements of road safety.

Linked directly to your safety, QUIKBLADE strongly recommends that consumers replace wiper blades every six months or
20,000 km. A good time to think about it; when you change your tires in the spring and fall, remember to change your wipers at the same time!

Quickblade wiper
Quickblade wiper


Check efficiency throughout the year:

  • Inspect the rubber on the brushes;


  • See if the plastic has hardened, cracked or cracked causing streaks in your windshield.A rubber that is not worn or aged will glide silently over the glass. Otherwise, it would produce excessive squealing or friction;


  • Check if it bends and flexes properly so that it adheres perfectly to the windshield. Thus, the wiping will be clean and free of any debris;


  • Also check that there is no jerky movement, skipping or vibration of the blades which could leave streaks or make it difficult to sweep certain sections of the windshield.


The warranty covers 90 days following the purchase of the product. Proof of purchase required.
The warranty does not cover repairs or replacements of any windshield or wiper arm damaged as a result of product installation.
The wiper warranty will be honored if the product has been properly installed. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the installer.
The warranty does not apply to any item that has been improperly installed or used, neglected, altered or machined.

No refund. Exchange only to the consumer.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Quickblade Wiper Warranty
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