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Easy and quick installation


With QUICKBLADE®, you are not just buying a product;

you get an experience, a promise of satisfaction and excellence.

QUICKBLADE®, the obvious choice for incomparable performance in all weather conditions. Specializing in development and distribution innovation

of wiper blades since 2011.
It is a source of pride to be able to offer a complete range of windshield wipers covering 98% of the automobile market with only42 references.

Very simple to install, QUICKBLADE® has adapted over the years to offer a complete range of high-performance windshield wipers.

The QUICKBLADE® brand has become the most trusted for several undeniable reasons. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality allows us to develop products that meet the needs of the most demanding drivers.

Excellence and performance have always been at the top of our strictest requirements.

The combination of cutting-edge technology, superior quality and unmatched reliability makes QUICKBLADE® the brand you can trust. With us, innovation never stops. Through our ongoing research and development, we strive to constantly improve our know-how to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. Every detail is designed to offer our customers a unique experience, where satisfaction and results meet harmoniously.

The mark of trust.

Quickblade customer


Contact us to become an official distributor or to find one of our 5,000 mechanical centers   closest to you.

Quickblade warehouse


In order to meet demand, the Quickblade warehouse has an inventory of more than 750,000 wipers.



In full expansion, the QuickBlade warehouse covers an area of 20,000 square feet


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High performance.
Superior quality!

Continue to innovate, offer products and services of exemplary quality and work continuously as a team with our customers to achieve a goal of prosperity!

QuickBlade is on the rise across North America!
We offer exceptional product quality and high performance at competitive prices through more than 5,000 retailers. We are skilled and committed to strategically increasing your sales and profits.

Easy to use with excellent value for money, the product advantages are unmatched by those of competitive products. I invite you to read the attached brochure carefully for more details.

QuickBlade sold
by professionals!

We specialize in the creation, design, marketing and distribution of Flex type windshield wipers across Eastern Canada. QUICKBLADE is one of the leaders in this sector in terms of innovation and quality control of its products.



Quickblade®/Avant OE

Quickblade®/M Series

Quickblade®/V Series

Quickblade®/AB Series


Quickblade®Rear OE

Quickblade®/Rear Direct Fit OE


The Quickblade wiper. High performance. Superior quality. Discover all the advantages of QuickBlade!

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